The Mini-mentorship program aims to enhance each member's photographic business skills through a series of small group sessions.

Photo Credit: MOPPA Member - Ann Aurbach

The Program Objectives

  • To build relationships with fellow MOPPA members.

  • To receive guidance and support for your specific needs.

  • Each small group mentorship includes approximately two to three hours of mentor time.

  • Each member receives one small group per calendar year with paid membership.


Is there a fee to participate in the Mini-Mentoring Program? There is no fee for the mini-mentorship program. The only requirement is that you are an active member of MOPPA.

How many times can I participate? Each active member can be a MENTEE (student) once per calendar year. You can be a MENTOR (teacher) as often as you are willing and able.

Can I choose my mentor? Yes, you can select your mentor. Please note that mentor space is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

I'm not a professional; can I participate? No matter what your skill level, or if you consider yourself a full-time pro, part-time, a hobbyist, an enthusiast, a student, or something in between... if you are an active MOPPA member, you can sign up.

Where will the sessions be held? Each mentor will work out the WHERE and HOW the sessions will take place.

The Process

Step 1

Sign Up for a Mentor Class

Step 2

Work the Program

Step 3

Complete the Post-Program Survey

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